Employee training is always a debatable subject; employees insist that it’s a crucial requirement, while employers are reluctant due to the cost and time implications.

Therefore, we were intrigued at some information which was published by Filtered. As the infographic highlights, staff requirements are actually more intense than most of us think. For example, 58% of employees feel as though they are trapped in their current job – simply because they haven’t been trained appropriately. When you consider that a quarter of employees also leave because of a lack of training, it goes without saying that this is a key consideration if a firm is to maintain a happy workforce.

Once upon a time training was regarded as something which took up a significant amount of time; usually because it revolved around travelling to a training centre. However, developments in technology mean that it’s now possible for companies to offer training via the internet. As this blog post by Filtered highlights, it is a much more cost effective option and doesn’t mean that firms will be losing their workforce for days at a time.

Another reason why the online form of training has become so popular is because of its flexibility. If we compare e-learning to the typical classroom-style environment, the former allows workers to experience a much more tailored approach. Rather than the whole team being taught the same things, which is completely inefficient if everyone is at different levels, e-learning can filter which courses are the most appropriate to take for which individual. Additionally, it is much easier to measure progress through the interactive model – while those members of staff who wish to maximise their learning can access the training whenever they want. There’s no timetable to follow.

We’ll conclude in the same fashion as the infographic. It is clear that filtered e-learning allows staff to learn and practice skills efficiently, take control of their learning via unrestricted hours – and subsequently put into practice everything they have picked up with much more confidence. It’s a winner for everyone.

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