Doughnuts, Drones and Chinese Restaurant Robots: Today’s Business Ideas in the News

In NYC, the only place where this is practical until the FAA let’s drones do it, there’s a new meal delivery service coming. Where’s it actually located? Who knows — they’re waiting until users sign up to algorithmically determine the location of their kitchens.

Chinese robot restaurants are coming to the US. Chef the cook, Bumblebee the greeter, and Fatty, the waiter, are among the first robots to go overseas and cook Chinese food for American customers.

More from NYC: doughnuts.

Restaurant startups, which have a long-standing history of high failure rates in their first year of operation, need help. Somebody ought to privatize this government plan and sell it.

Don’t call these lightbulbs smart, call them geniuses. Not only do they monitor your lighting habits and mimic them when you’re out of town (to ward off burglars), but they have built in batteries, so that they can turn on when the power’s out.

Is this only in Japan: independent watchmaking.

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