2014 Small Business Brand Survey

A recent survey of over 40,000 small businesses shares some insight into how we brand our businesses.

Some highlights include:

We Prefer Stories over Statements

  • 58% described their businesses at length, and incorporate company values and long-term visions.
  • 42% describe their business with one sentence or less.

We Like Short Names

  • 56% of company names include only 1 word.
  • 33% of company names include 2 words.
  • 9% of company names include 3 words.
  • only 1% of company names include 4+ words.

We Don’t Want to Look Like Big Companies

  • Only 1% of respondents say they wanted their brand to resemble a big brand

You can see the full infographic with all of the report’s details below.


Via TailorBrands.

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