Decoded – 5 Ways To Spend Productive Weeks At Workplace

Often do entrepreneurs come across terms like “Productive work hours”, “Productive week” but only few of them are truly able to achieve such “productive time” at their workplace. They often commit simple mistakes and end up wasting much of their productive time. Well here’s something that can definitely get you more “Productive weeks” at your workplace .

  1. 1)Don’t plan, JUST DO IT.

The very first thing to kick off “5 ways for better productive weeks” is to stop wasting productive hours in planning. This is the first thing that you can learn to improvise and get more productive weeks at your workplace.

DECODED- It’s in the nature of humans to plan tasks very beautifully in their mind before accomplishing it and with that they waste enough of their ‘productive time’. Instead of giving more time to planning and setting up, simply start by doing it. Remember, the more time you spend on planning the less time you get for actually doing it. Believe me; once you start doing a task you will naturally want yourself to complete it as soon as possible.

  1. 2)To accomplish a task in less time, ASSIGN LESS TIME TO IT.

One of the very wrong thing most of the people do at their workplace is they assign more time to do a task which can be done very easily in no time.

DECODED- The trick is to ‘Put MORE ENERGY’ in to your tasks than time. Here’s something that happens when you assign more energy and less time to do work – when you know you got less hours to accomplish a task you tend to put that extra effort in accomplishing the given task and find yourself more productive and “Procrastination” free. Remember, the more time you assign for doing a task the more slowly you do it and end up wasting those extra productive hours that could have been used for other task.

  1. 3)You need to be very HONEST WITH YOURSELF.

When we talk about spending more productive weeks at workplace, we really need to understand the importance of being ‘SUPER HONEST’ to own self. Being honest will eventually get you more productive weeks.

DECODED- In the chase of more productive time, people often make excuses and lie to themselves. Being productive in way means to be dishonest with yourself and which can cause you much damage then you actually think. One thing you can do is not to put much pressure on yourself about time you have got to accomplish a task. Rather than thinking of consequences of not completing a task in given time, put all your energy in it. So that at the end of the day, you find very less reasons to be dishonest with yourself.

  1. 4)There’s a huge difference between ‘BEING BUSY’ and ‘BEING PRODUCTIVE’.

There’s no doubt in the fact that there’s a huge difference between ‘Busy’ and ‘Productive’ but only few really understand it. The one/s who understands it gets at the top of the time.

DECODED-“Being Productive” means how much task you can accomplish and that has nothing to do with “Being Busy”. You can actually be busy doing nothing all do but being productive will guarantee you more accomplished tasks in assigned time. You can stay busy all the time chatting with your colleagues at work place, checking mails very often, and work on low priority tasks all day long. You can find the cure of being busy by staying all focused on the task you have been given throughout the day and accomplish them by putting that extra effort.

  1. 5)The SCI formula- SCAN, RETHINK and IMPROVE.

This formula has lot more to do when you want yourself to get gradually more productive hours in every week.

When it’s time to finish your week and plan for your next week ahead, SCAN the tasks you accomplished in the week. RETHINK on what could have been better ways to deal the situation you faced. And keeping all that in mind try to IMPROVE in every possible aspect in the upcoming weeks and get more productive with time. Furthermore, analyse the whole week you spent and note down the situations you found very difficult to handle. Get their alternatives. And in the next week improve on the same. You will find this technique very effective in long-run.

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