Developed by Angela & Lucas, each pair of Budiu feature a GPS chip integrated into the tongue of the shoe, able to pinpoint their location to within 10 feet if the child is outdoors and 150 feet if they’re indoors. Within the companion app, parents or guardians can check the whereabouts of their kids on a map. They can even check the location through street view mode or quickly message them without leaving the app. Budiu also gives parents the option to set up a safe zone that alerts them if their child strays outside of it. If the child loses the sneakers or they get stolen, the app can also help locate them.

Interestingly, the company is looking to offer a service as much as it is a product. The shoes can be personalized through the online store so kids can pick their own designs. For parents, the app doubles as a social network where they can communicate with other parents and share tips on how to keep kids safe. The shoes also aren’t available to buy outright. Instead, parents pay for the GPS usage at a cost of [USD $120] over 2 years. As part of this package, they get 4 free pair of shoes and 1 free chip. Considering how often active kids arrive home with a ruined pair of shoes, this could prove economical for parents.

Cleverly marketed to appeal to today’s kids, the sneakers offer technology to provide parents with peach of mind without having to add a new item to their wardrobe. How else can wearable technology be integrated into the clothes we already wear?