Living Produce Aisle is being hailed by many as one of the world’s most unique new stores; providing businesses and individuals an opportunity to drop by and purchase 100% organic ‘microgreens’ grown in Urban Cultivator’s self-developed plug-and-play hydroponic cultivating chambers. But those running the franchises could be the biggest winners, as millions of dollars of orders flood in not only for the microgreens themselves, but for restaurants and stores looking to use the growing chambers under their own roof.

The facts speak for themselves; at a recent Vancouver-based edition of ‘The Franchise Show’, representatives from Urban Cultivator literally couldn’t keep up with demand for information on and preliminary orders for Living Produce Aisle franchises.

“We secured preliminary deals for all British Columbia territories in just twelve hours of show time,” admits John Heary. “We also had people from around the world getting check books out to sign funds for franchises before we had even considered doing business in their country! The three of us manning the booth literally didn’t get a chance to eat or drink; handing out almost a thousand information packs and filling our diaries with meetings for potential franchisees.”

It’s easy to see why people are chomping at the basil to jump onboard. Living Produce Aisle has transformed Urban Cultivator’s growing chambers into seven profitable revenue streams:

  1. The wholesale of herbs and microgreens to surrounding restaurants
  2. Wholesale of the same produce to local health food stores
  3. Sales of herbs and microgreens to walk-by customers
  4. Sales of juices and smoothies to walk-by customers
  5. The sale of Urban Cultivator commercial units to restaurants and grocery stores
  6. The sale of Urban Cultivator residential units to homeowners and property developers
  7. Ongoing supply of seed flats and other growing supplies to all customers with their own units

Everything is offered to franchisees on a turnkey basis, with Urban Cultivator providing all store fittings, cultivating chambers, uniforms and even a week’s on-site training at the store’s location or at Urban Cultivator University.

With franchise fees at a rock-bottom 2% and customers throwing themselves at the prospect of purchasing 100% natural zero-carbon greens, Heary knows that the limited number of remaining territories will be gone imminently.

“The Franchise Show hit us like a tsunami; and we’re now fully aware of just how popular these franchises are. We know that many savvy investors will purchase an entire State or Province-worth of territories, which means individuals looking to purchase a single store should make immediate contact with us. We had the toughest ‘Dragon’ give us nearly half a million dollars, and the biggest names in the food and home worlds have endorsed us; I don’t know what better accolades we could have asked for,” he concludes.

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