More people are quitting their jobs, and that’s good news.

Gross out marketing is well, gross. Case in point, Doritos flavored Mt. Dew from last week.

Selling hugs: an Indiana woman will come to your office and snuggle with you for $35 for a half hour.

Mobile trivia has launched in Boston.

Veterinarians by video: Vet On Demand is an app-based marketplace that allows pet owners to connect with licensed veterinarians for common health questions (i.e your dog ate candy or your cat has a skin irritation). For worried pet parents, it is convenient and affordable at just $2.50 per minute. For vets, it provides a new revenue stream as well as an increased client base.

Kit Kats come in hundreds of flavors if you buy them internationally.

Long form: How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn & Dunkin’ and the Doughnut King