The entrepreneurial backstory of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’.

From Utah: personalized soap.

Only in Chicago: Chicago-centric shoes.

The word of the year is “vape”, and an entrepreneur in South Boston is cashing in on the smokeless nicotine vapor.

These winemakers let their customers fund their business. In the old days, we used to call this sales.

These 10 jobs didn’t exist in 1989: Social media manager, E-commerce consultant, Mobile app developer, Big-data analyst, Cloud-computing workers, Genetic counselors, SEO specialist, Drone pilot, 3-D printing professionals, and Wind turbine service technicians.

It’s almost winter, and time for wood stoves, fireplaces and hearths to heat the home and warm the soul. You know what that means? We need firewood.

Another Shark Tank success story: GrooveBook has sold for $14.5 million.

What do barbers do when their clippers run dull? They don’t just toss the old pair and buy new ones. They have them sharpened by this business.

And finally, something to be thankful for: the real cost of Thanksgiving is 1.3% lower than last year.