Beef Jerky Outlet Visits Fox & Friends Weekend

(November 2014) – Beef Jerky Outlet co-founder Paul Lyons visited Fox & Friends Weekend to show off the meat snack products that have made the new Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise an Entrepreneur Top 500 franchise for 2014. Paul had the opportunity to show off a selection of unique Beef Jerky Outlet snacks to Fox & Friends co-hosts Tucker Carlson and Rick Reichmuth. The show was broadcast live on Fox & Friends Weekend, November 8, 2014.

“Beef Jerky Outlet is famous for just that, a huge variety of beef jerky flavors. Beef Jerky makes up the vast majority of our retail sales, but everyone wants to sample our more exotic offerings like ostrich, kangaroo and alligator,” said Paul.

True to form, the adventurous Fox co-hosts immediately asked to sample the most exotic varieties on the Beef Jerky Outlet bill of fare. “How weird does it get?” quickly chirped Tucker, as if he were preparing to embark on a safari to the Lost World. Rick, making a slightly more circumspect appraisal of the offerings, preferred to start the sampling session with a taste of the more interesting varieties of beef jerky.

Tucker and Rick gave a thumbs-up to two exclusive favorites, Moonshine Jerky and Boiled Crawfish. “Moonshine Jerky is marinated in real Tennessee corn liquor. The Boiled Crawfish is actually spiced with a traditional Cajun crawfish seasoning. These are popular flavors, but our biggest sellers are Honey Barbeque Beef and our signature Blazin’ Cajun Beef Jerky,” explained Paul.

Not to be denied, the intrepid early morning explorers pressed on to sample the more exotic species of jerky on the menu. “Beef Jerky Outlet retail stores offer free samples for most of our jerky flavors. People like to try the different varieties and then select their favorites. Free sampling always results in increased sales,” according to Paul. Tucker and Rick were sampling away like typical Saturday morning customers at a Beef Jerky Outlet store.

“Is that really kangaroo,” asked the incredulous Tucker.

“You know what? That alligator is really good,” exclaimed Rick with conviction.

“This is actually pretty awesome. It makes me want to eat more kangaroo. I never thought I’d say that,” added Tucker, with the determined tone of a grizzled bush ranger.

A Beef Jerky Outlet sampling session proved to be an interesting diversion for the Fox & Friends co-hosts. Tucker and Rick showed the same enthusiasm as the regular folks that shop at outlet stores.

Scott Parker, Beef Jerky Outlet co-founder and CEO, puts it best, “When folks see the store their eyes light up. They want to get in and see what it’s all about. They come inside and there are 200 or more different kinds of jerky, including exotics like alligator and kangaroo. We have some other items like sausages, flavored popcorn and gourmet peanut butter. But make no doubt about it, beef jerky is the main item on the bill of fare.”

After the show Paul Lyons was greeted by an enthusiastic Gov. Mike Huckabee, who also was making an appearance on Fox & Friends. “We expect to have a Beef Jerky Outlet store in Arkansas before long, since we have outlets in almost all the adjacent states, like Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi and Tennessee,” said Paul.

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