Pretzel Restaurants, Thanksgiving Potato Chips and More, Today’s Business Ideas in the News

One former Google engineer is looking at shadows for investment advice.

Cookbook stores, at least this one, are struggling.

Big Cannabis is coming.

Small craft distilleries are booming in Montana.

The drought in California has regenerated a market for grapes grown without irrigation.

Real estate sales in California might be down, but not mansions. Their sales are up.

A new bracelet “sees” for the blind.

Soon, you’ll be able to attend conferences as a robot. Do robots care about swag?

Less expensive than gasoline: Cleveland is going to use sheep as lawnmowers. As someone with some experience with sheep, this is a bad idea. Sheep will eat the grass down to the roots and leave you with a bare dirt patch where once was a lawn.

Pretzel restaurants are the next trend in niche eateries.

Why bother with cooking a turkey with all the trimmings, when you can just open up a few bags of Thanksgiving dinner flavored potato chips.

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