What Can You Learn from an ASIC Search?

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission is the organization responsible for regulating corporations and companies that operate in the country. The ASIC ensures that the owners of those corporations and those working for the companies follow financial and other types of laws and meet any regulations currently in place. Performing an ASIC search gives you some basic and more detailed information about companies that you might work with in the future and those you did business with in the past.

Name Verification

While there are a few different ways that you can do a search for business information, when you perform an ASIC search with InfoTrack, you receive free verification of the name of that company. Why would you waste time getting details and information about a company that has a similar name? You can look at the registered address and other details to ensure that all the information you find relates back to that company.

Names of Directors

Every corporation and company licensed and authorized to operate in Australia must have a board of directors or a series of directors. Those names can include the president, vice president and other officers or the names of those who run specific departments, including the advertising and finance departments. When performing a basic search, you’ll find a full list of all names and a short description of what each of those people does within that company.

Information About Banned Individuals

Based on the information obtained by the ACIS, certain individuals and companies may receive a temporary or permanent ban from doing business within the country. This often occurs when an individual breaks the law. Even if that person does not serve any time in jail, the ACIS can still ban that individual from doing business. Doing a basic search lets you see who received a ban and if any of those names have a connection to the company you searched.

Professional Information

Do you want to know what type of licenses and certifications that certain individuals have? With a professional search, you’re only a few minutes away from finding out that information. When you search for a specific name, the results will tell you if that individual is a licensed broker, dealer, adviser or has another license. That information can tell you a lot about the training and experience the individual has and even the name and address of where that individual works.

Historical Data

Searching for historical data is one of the best ways to get a general idea about a company. Instead of weeding through the historical information it lists on its website and slogging through dozens of pages about its history, you can find everything you need in one easy place. A historical data search gives you a short history about that company. You may also have the option of digging a little deeper to find the names of its former directors and information about its past finances.

Personal Names and Other Data

The ACIS keeps a long list of names from previous years. As long as that individual worked for a company with ACIS approval, you can do a simple name search. This tells you the birth date of that person, any licenses he or she has, past employers and current employer information.

Performing an ACIS search is an easy way to locate information about companies you worked with or want to work with and potential employees. You can find all the information that you need to make a decision that will save your company time and money in the long run.

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