Meet the Man Who Sells Homemade Laser Guns and Flamethrowers

When Patrick Priebes, a 31-year-old who lives in Wuppertal, Germany, lost his job, he decided to focus on his true passion: Building and selling working laser guns. He’s now amassed a strong following — his YouTube channel has over 83,000 followers, and his pieces sell for hundreds of dollars. See, Patrick makes a certain kind of geek dream come true, by exporting his unique custom- and homemade pieces to clients around the world.

He was formerly a chemical lab technician, but after he had an accident while playing roller hockey, he lost his job and decided to turn his DIY hobby into a full time gig. Since then, Patrick has been building sophisticated laser guns, machine guns, Spider Man webbing harpoons, and plasma cutters with motor-powered energy cells, to name a few.

Starting at around $330, he can build you pretty much whatever you want. I talked to Patrick about his designs, what the police think about his gun workshop, and that one time he set his curtains on fire with a flamethrower glove.

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