Doorstep Delivery is a restaurant delivery and marketing company. They deliver for restaurants that don’t normally deliver and help them market their restaurants.  I recently had the opportunity to ask one of the guys behind Doorstep Delivery more about the company.

What’s special about Doorstep Delivery?

We provide a unique service that offers delivery up to 4 to 5 miles away from a restaurant. Doorstep Delivery delivers for restaurants such as Outback Steakhouse, Chili’s, Applebee’s, TGIFriday’s, and Olive Garden. Doorstep Delivery now has an iPhone and Droid app, which makes ordering food very easy directly to your doorstep.

Where’d the idea come from?

The idea came from the original founder, Tom Colangelo, in 1999 when he formed After exponential growth, he decided to franchise the idea into more than 10+ cities in 2011.

How does it compare to it’s competition?

Doorstep Delivery is now the largest restaurant delivery service in the United States. We have more corporate contracts than any other restaurant delivery service and offer unparalleled service to all of our customers for restaurant delivery.

Who really needs it?

Everyone who is sick of ordering the standard pizza or Chinese food, people who don’t feel like going out, and people who are catering for large groups all use Doorstep Delivery. Our business grows exponentially when it is raining out.

Anyone already using it in any interesting ways?

Some customers plan their entire week with Doorstep Delivery by ordering delivery for lunch and dinner.

Where do you see it in five years?

Doorstep Delivery will be in over 30 cities and running national marketing campaigns through TV and the internet. Doorstep Delivery will also offer hundreds of restaurants for delivery in many cities.

Who’s behind it? (Tell us more about you.)

Several people are behind Doorstep Delivery. First starting in Gainesville, Florida, Doorstep Delivery grew to Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee. After 2010, Doorstep Delivery grew into 15+ cities. As for myself, I helped establish Doorstep Delivery in several cities before setting in West Palm Beach Doorstep Delivery.

Can you describe a typical working day?

A typical working day involves me opening our call center for my employees. I often go and sign restaurants to be part of Doorstep Delivery, then manage drivers and employees in the evening to make sure everything is going well.

What’s your background?

My background is actually engineering. I have a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Florida and took many business classes. My specialization is actually something very unrelated – it is actually solar power engineering – but the business classes had me caught on entrepreneurship. I ended up finishing my degree and started working to start Doorstep Delivery.

What motivates you to keep going?

I’m very motivated every day knowing that we are growing very fast and adding at least a few restaurants a week to our service or more. It’s fun waking up every morning knowing that there is a new challenge such as signing a big restaurant with Doorstep Delivery or creating a new marketing campaign.

If you were to start again, what would you do differently?

Now that I know what marketing campaigns are effective, I would know from the start what to do to gain more customers ordering at I also know how to manage an office effectively with employees and multiple drivers.

Please tell us a secret…

Staying on task and on time is the biggest challenge with Doorstep Delivery. I usually have a booked schedule all day, so staying on task throughout the day is extremely important. I use Google Calendar to stay on task and give me alerts for my next meeting or task.

Anything else you think I should know or ask you about?

Being an entrepreneur is fun!

Any final words for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Stay dedicated and plan your day to make progress every single day.