Doing Business Underground in Caves: Today’s Business Ideas in the News

Can design and architecture create healthier hospitals?

Authors are going to have find new jobs. Soon, all pulp novels will be computer generated. Very soon, some say.

Even with video game consoles, tablets and computer games are booming, board games are making a comeback.

Nearly 7% of all industrial space in Kansas City is underground, in former limestones mines.

Now that everyone can buy a drone, heaven help us.

Economics fact of the day: For every $100 in sales, the average discount retailer like Walmart and Target earns $3.10 in profits, while the average take for the states with state and local sales taxes is more than twice that amount — almost $7, based on the 6.94% average sales tax rate for the 46 states that tax retail sales.

From Japan: cooking shrimp with a cannon.

Too many greasy fingers: Pizza Hut wants you to order with your mind.

Taking selfies by holding your iPhone slightly elevated above your head is so last week. What if you want to take a photo of yourself while doing something, like practicing a golf swing or demonstrating something? They’re a robot camera for that.

Move over Black Friday, in states with legal marijuana, here comes Green Friday.

This startup focuses on something that I didn’t even know still existed: player pianos. Here’s a video:

When you think of businesses that last the test of time, even 100 years, what do you think of? You’re wrong. Think dry cleaners.

From Brooklyn: The ironic “butcher shop” YamChops is vegetarian.

Selfies are driving sales of plastic surgery. It seems like everything drives sales of plastic surgery, doesn’t it?

The maker movement turns hobbies into businesses.

With new high tech monitoring and forecasting, small farmers can now compete with big agribusiness.

Smart garments make fitting rooms a thing of the past. Here’s a video:

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