Whether for engaging current customers or attracting new ones, SMS marketing can be extremely impactful, complementing existing marketing campaigns and getting more of the right messages about your company in front of the right people.

Bulk SMS is cost-effective, convenient and impactful, as those using Sendmode’s own renowned bulk SMS packages know well.

How often should you send texts?

Few things are more important in SMS marketing than getting the frequency of your texts right. Text too rarely, and customers will forget that your firm exists. Do so too often, and you’ll be an irritation that customers ask to unsubscribe from.

The exact nature of your business will largely determine the most appropriate frequency. Consider texting more often in the run-up to a big event or promotion, such as if you are a nightclub or promoting a university students’ union event, and less when there isn’t much going on.

Target your customers appropriately

Bulk SMS is great for targeting particular customers for specific products. By splitting the contacts that you gather into distinct groups, you’ll be able to ensure that a given customer only receives content that actually interests and is of relevance to them.

Don’t be afraid to tweak your SMS marketing campaign in response to feedback, perhaps altering your tone of voice or sending your messages at a slightly different time of the month.

Keep your database up-to-date

Your contacts database could quickly become bulky, even if you have organised recipients into groups. That’s why you should regularly sift through your database and remove the numbers of those who have stopped reading your messages.

Remember as well that if a customer opts out, you should immediately remove their details. Continuing to message people who have requested their removal from your mailing list could have legal ramifications. A court order would be an unwelcome distraction from your SMS marketing campaign!

Carefully consider customer feedback

Every customer is different, so tailoring the texts that you send to them will make a massive difference to the success of your bulk SMS campaign.

Listening to customer feedback allows you to get to know them and their interests better, which in turn, enables the easier organisation of those customers into relevant groups. The more information that you have about your customers, the better and more personal the content that you send them can be.

To that end, why don’t send them a quick questionnaire now and then? You could ask the customer how often they wish to be contacted, what content they would like to receive more of and what they would like to receive less of.

Don’t be afraid to try new things with your SMS marketing campaign, in accordance with the above basic pointers. Good luck!