Coming soon from three vegan scientists: lab-grown milk.

This isn’t science fiction: robot security guards and horizontal elevators are coming soon.

Supposedly, there’s a pill that will make flatulence smell like chocolate. I’m not testing it.

Move over ugly Christmas sweaters: here come the ugly Christmas suits.

Remember Beanie Babies? The story of these fascinating billion-dollar babies is way more interesting than I ever imagined.

From the UK: Whisky-scented fabric.

Uber for hair: Shortcut is an on-demand grooming service for men that brings a barber to your home, office or hotel room.

Gross: Is roadkill a source of sustainable meat and fur?

You need a programmer, and these programmers have nothing but time on their hands, because they’re behind bars.

Fewer banks are offering safe deposit boxes, so one Washington man opened a business that provides them.

In a precursor of things to come as the economy improves, there’s a labor shortage in the construction industry.

People just aren’t stocking up on firearms the way they used to. Rifle sales have dropped $50.

I didn’t realize that there was still innovation in the pasta space. Physicists at the University of Warwick created a new hard-to-eat pasta shape they call anelloni to demonstrate the complicated formations ring-shaped polymers can form when they intertwine.

Speaking of pasta, the video below is an example of some excellent viral marketing by Olive Garden.