Tailored Stainless Clothing

Stains can ruin shirts for good, but they can also happen at the most inopportune moments — just before an important meeting or at a black-tie event. Vardama has designed a range of haute couture menswear with stain-proof and self-cleaning technology.

The New York-based company has developed shirts, suits and neckties that feature what it calls Equa-Tek fabric. Using nanotechnology, Vardama treats each individual fiber before the material itself is woven, rather than the typical process of surface coating fabrics after they’ve been produced, which can make them stiff and hinder breathabilty. Thanks to the Equa-Tek technique, the natural characteristics of the fibers — ranging from Egyptian cotton to Merino wool — remain unchanged, meaning Vardama clothing feels soft to the touch.

Watch the video below to see the Equa-Tek technology in action:

Vardama’s spill-resistant neckties start from USD 49, while the shirts can be pre-ordered from USD 125. The company also offers tailored suits from USD 695. Are there other types of high fashion that could benefit from stain-protective technology?

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