Meet the real Santa Claus. Santa says: “Kids would be confused and upset, asking me where my sleigh and reindeer were when they saw me leaving the party in my pickup truck. I needed to convince them that I was really Santa Claus, so now I can pull out my driver’s license or my insurance card and it says right there: Santa Claus.”

In the words of Stockholm’s Nordic Light Hotel, it “accepts personal social networks as currency.” Anyone with more than 2,000 personal Facebook friends or 100,000 followers on Instagram gets a free seven-night stay at the luxury hotel, which usually costs $360/night.

Crude oil dips below $60 a barrel.

This new Michigan bar doesn’t serve alcohol. Their first customers included former drinkers, pregnant women, Muslims, teenagers, and college kids.

Cylindrical Mario: A video game that literally keeps you on your toes.

What happens when there’s venture capital in the dorm room?

Not just casinos anymore: the US won’t stop Native Americans from growing, selling pot on their lands. This is going to change things.