Mobile marketing is growing in popularity with more people than ever using their mobile phones and tablets to access websites, use social media and make purchases. Here are eight surprising facts about mobile marketing.

SMS marketing is six times more effective than email

Engagement rates for SMS marketing are six to eight times higher than email marketing, because messages go directly into the hearts and minds of the consumer: the mobile phone is a personal item. You must make sure your message is on brand and enticing enough to achieve a click through or action: consult specialists for further advice, such as mobile marketing from GlobalMessaging.

The fastest growing demographic of people online is 55+

There’s a temptation to market to the largest groups on social media but it’s worth targeting the groups that are growing the quickest. The 54-64 year age bracket has grown 79% since 2012 and is still climbing.

You can market your products and services to this age group by concentrating on SMS marketing as well as on social sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

189 million Facebook users are mobile only

There are a lot of Facebook users who only use the social network on their mobile devices. This is an important stat because it shows the need for mobile-friendly websites when you’re targeting users or social media.

The average person looks at their phone 150 times a day

This is a staggering statistic that shows how much we depend on our mobiles on a day-to-day basis. This is good news for your mobile marketing efforts as you know that your message is going to be seen quickly!

Text messages are read within five seconds of being sent

Because we are so tied to our phones and looking at them so regularly, people will see a text almost as soon as it’s sent. This is why mobile marketing campaigns are so effective. You know that, on average, an SMS sent promoting your business will be read within five seconds.

Texts have a 19% click through rate

Links in text messages have a 19% click through rate, when you compare this to email’s 4.3% click through rate, it shows just how effective SMS marketing is for user engagement. This is, in part, down to the fact that people receive a huge amount of emails so a lot just get lost in a cluttered inbox. Text messages, however, are few and far between in comparison so people are more likely to pay attention.

70% of people in the UK would like to receive offers on their mobile

Recent surveys have shown that plenty of people in the UK would like to receive offers to their mobile. This shows that there are plenty of opportunities out there for marketing directly to these people. Brands are missing a trick by not jumping on board with SMS marketing.

These stats will hopefully show that there’s a lot of promise in mobile marketing, whether it’s SMS offers, mobile advertising or simple social media campaigns targeted to those on mobile devices.