Microsoft Lync Introduces Skype for Business


Microsoft has always been a purveyor of the very best of everything new. While Microsoft Lync may not have been as pervasive as the company may have liked, that doesn’t mean they can’t take another stab at it. The company is now taking shape and Microsoft Lync & Skype Business have now become Skype for Business. This is not a merger of the two companies but rather a combining of resources for these two arms to act even stronger as one. Microsoft hopes to grow it’s VoIP business and the Skype for Business aim looks to be a promising entree.

Lync:Microsoft bought the communications company Lync back in 2011. Originally Lync was supposed to be it’s own juggernaut or at the very least a big player on the even bigger global stages. While the first introduction of this software fell short of expectations that doesn’t mean that Microsoft has given up in any way. In fact the newest version of Lync, rebranded Skype for Business, will have all kinds of features and amazing applications which Microsoft hopes business owners will really take to.

Skype for Business: This newest version of Lync, branded Skype for Business will have all kinds of great applications which make it a real go-to for anyone who is trying to communicate with people in business. Who isn’t trying to call someone in business? Even if it’s your partners from across town or your manager from across the office? Skype for Business hopes to make this whole enterprise a lot more appealing by letting clients reach out to anyone anywhere in the world. Skype for Business has got all kinds of cool features including a new client server release and smart updates to Office 365.

More: Even greater things are coming for Skype for Business users. So many of the familiar Skype icons will be in play. Folks who are familiar with Skype will be familiar with many of the looks of Skype for Business. There will also be a pretty invigorating call monitor screen which will allow the user to work on a separate application while they are simultaneously on a call. Skype for Business also promises to simplify so many of the features of Skype itself; now users can transfer a call with one click rather than 3.

Video: The video conferencing ability of Skype for Business makes the merging of Microsoft Lync & Skype Business that much of a smarter move. For example users of Lync will know that messaging and voice calls to Skype users is currently an option. Still with the video calling ability and access to the user directory from Skype, businesses can now focus so much more on the task of doing business.

Switch: For those who were Lync or Skype users in February, you may remember there was a time when Microsoft debuted this service so that they could test the waters, gauge reception, and work out any of the last minute kinks. If you were curious enough to attempt to use the video calling feature back in February you will likely be pleased with the improvements which have been made. If you are a Lync customer and you would like to make the switch to Skype for Business you need to access this tool inside of your data center.

If you are interested in this marriage of Microsoft Lync & Skype Business and you want to see how this would work with your MeetingZone service, you won’t have to wait too long. MeetingZone will be bringing this tool to market in short order!

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