How One Man Started A Twitter Bagel War, And What It’ll Teach You About Marketing

Capturing the modern mind is a tricky business. Our generation doesn’t watch TV, and when we do, it’s pirated without commercials. We know how to avoid internet marketing departments’ feeble attempts to bombard us with popups by hiding them with AdBlock. Most of all, we aren’t going to follow your corporate brand on social media if all you do is pollute our feeds with notifications on 15% discounts for products we don’t even want.

To nab our attention you have to stand out, and that requires more than merely “existing” on these new channels. It requires you to tailor your content so that it rises above the white noise.

Nobody likes a pamphlet-wielding corner canvasser, but everyone likes a talented busker. That’s because people want to be amused, not solicited. If you’re going to bother with social media, do it right. Be absurd. Be unorthodox. Be unnerving. That’s really all I was trying to prove with this little stunt—that entertainment is power, and that a little bit of personality can go a long way.

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