A company in Reno is building a drought-fighting drone to make rain clouds.

Another use for 3D printing that’s way over my head: laser printing DNA.

Business ideas in fake fans: Qatar is paying workers to sit and watch sporting events.

What do you do when your bank says no? This company can teach you to be a commercial loan broker.

Move over Willy Wonka: a British chocolatier has created the ultimate chocolate holiday — a hotel on a cocoa plantation where food, activities and even spa treatments are chocolate-themed.

Nostalgia trade (buying certain goods because it gives you a sense of being “home” when you’re away from home) is a really big business.

A company that makes mayonnaise and cookie-dough got $90M in funding.

Not surrendering to North Korea: people are selling ‘The Interview’ movie posters for hundreds of dollars on eBay.

The business community in Miami is starving for opportunities to be explored down in Cuba.

These are best Christmas trees money can buy.