Important Tips for Planning Corporate Events


Planning corporate events and training, conference or team building activities requires a great deal of time and thought, however, when these events are planned in advance they can be some of the most successful business exercises of the whole year.

Tips for Planning Corporate Events

If you’re planning corporate events in 2015, you need to work on tactics and proposals for the activities well beforehand. Sometimes breaking the task down into discrete jobs that need carrying out can be of benefit and assist you with the complexities of planning your big event. If you follow these simple steps you may find the pressures of organising the event become easier to handle:

  1. Decide on a theme for the activity. No matter whether your event is a corporate day out, training day or sales team building exercise, a coherent theme will make planning the activities a lot easier
  2. Set a budget, so you can cost out various exercises within your proposal. There’s absolutely no point researching costs for splash out dinners or lunches for participants if your overall total budget for the event is insufficient for gourmet feasts of this nature. Keeping your overall cost allocation in mind at all times helps you set realistic plans in place
  3. Finding a suitable venue with all necessary equipment in place is one of the most important early tasks for organising your corporate events. It makes good business sense to research a number of venues, this way you may be able to negotiate costs down and will also find it easier to make the best decision on the most appropriate venue
  4. Putting catering plans in place for your corporate event is the next important step along the way. You should make sure your menus suit every potential dietary requirement so you know all your guests will have access to suitable foods on the day
  5. Start putting together decorations that are appropriate to the theme of your event and suitable for the chosen venue
  6. Issue invitations and alerts to all guests, ensuring responses will be received within a designated timeframe so you have a good idea of total numbers that will attend the activity and can prepare final detailed plans for meal and menu requirements at the event
  7. Prioritise the administration of your event by creating “To Do” lists detailing all the jobs that need to be done prior to the event and setting deadlines for these tasks to be complete. Where you delegate jobs to colleagues, keep tabs on this work to ensure it is completed in good time. Keep updating and reviewing your event “To Do” list throughout the run up to your planned activity and this way you should manage to keep on top of all jobs necessary to make your corporate events in 2015 go smoothly and successfully

Finally, on the day(s) or your planned event, you’ll need to ensure you have enough helpers in place to make sure all activities run smoothly and on time. There will be a need to maintain contact with the organisation team at your event throughout the day and you won’t be able to handle every small problem or request.

One way to guarantee your corporate event goes off with a bang and creates a unique, personal experience for every participant is to hire events professionals. Off Limits Corporate Events are specialists in creating the type of bespoke activities and events that can bring any themed occasion to vibrant life. Contact us to speak with a member of our implementation team and learn how your 2015 event can be your most successful to date.

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