Buying and selling diamonds online is a lucrative but risky aspect and should be ventured into just when you are sure that you have all the vital knowledge concerning the valued gems. Unlike other kinds of investments, diamonds do not have a fungible value even though they stand out in the liquidity sector. Prior to investing in diamonds, ensure that your investment fulfills the following minimum conditions: price transparency, market access, resale liquidity, expert guidance and quality certification.

Invest in the Basics

Whereas very large and costly fancy color diamonds draw the attention of super-rich collectors, they are sparsely traded and don’t offer the price precision or well-timed resale liquidity. Unless you’re a billionaire investor and/or professional collector, keep away from stunning diamonds. Their pricing is extremely speculative and they’re often hard to resell. However, if you are ready to take the risk, the returns are usually very lucrative.

Quality Certification

Every product has its unique language and the same applies to diamonds. You ought to be acquainted with the 4Cs which are color, cut, carat and clarity. These are the aspects that will establish the price of whichever diamond. Diamonds are licensed by organizations for instance IGI ( International Gemological Institute), GIA (Gemological institute of America), or AGS (American gemology society) and all diamonds ought to have their permit grading report from one of these organizations.

Bid/Ask Spreads

Investors ought to consider the bid/ask spread (the value difference between purchasing and selling costs for investment diamonds). While purchasing a diamond as an investment it is an excellent idea to know what you would receive if you are selling the diamond that same day.

Professional advice and global market access

The most vital choice a diamond investor should make is who to rely on. Diamond markets and diamonds are extremely complex.

You ought to create a relationship with a refined diamond advisor well-informed in the degree of diamond quality plus global diamond markets and pricing. Your investment advisor ought to as well have direct access to a diamond buyer or diamond seller in the international diamond markets so as to guarantee fair market bid/ask pricing.

Make a draft

The last step is to put together a draft that has the narrative of your diamonds put up for sale. Create an ad backed with useful photos offering all the information concerning the diamonds available. You can create this ad in your local daily or on your own website online. However, till then keep your valued diamonds safe in a bank locker or another safe place. For your personal security always strive to meet the concerned parties in public areas every time you need to show your diamonds.

You can even choose to hold online sales for your diamonds. There are numerous places to hold internet sales and all are excellent provided that there are no concealed costs charged for the services they offer.

To buy or sell diamonds online you have to be a bit online savvy and be acquainted with some fundamental rules. When you do, it can be extremely gratifying in terms of costs incurred and the revenues you get.