5 Things Not to do When Pitching Investors

1. Don’t send unsolicited business plans

Even you routinely discard and don’t read unsolicited emails. Think about the poor investor. They probably get hundreds of similar emails and cn’t spend all day looking for that diamond in the rough.

2. Don’t send 50 page business plans

No one has time to read 50 page business plans. Distill your plan down to a page at most.

3. Don’t say you don’t have any competition.

If you say you don’t have any competition, it means you’re naive. Of course you have competition. And if you really don’t have any competition, then ask yourself why. Do a real analysis of your competitors, and show that you really do have an understanding of your market.

4. Don’t show unrealistic projects

If you assume that every single person in the world will buy your product, then again, you’re being naive.

5. Don’t make everyone sign an NDA immediately.

Most investors have a policy not to sign non-disclosure agreements, at least at first. So don’t hamstring yourself out of the gate.

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