For your garden: Grafted Ketchup ‘N’ Fries. Imagine a single plant that grows potatoes underground and tomatoes above ground, and you’ll understand.

A family dairy in upstate New York makes wine-based ice cream. The dessert, which is 5% alcohol by volume, comes in eight flavors: red raspberry chardonnay, peach white zinfandel, riesling, cherry merlot, spice, strawberry sparkling, chocolate cabernet and port.

When I was a kid, everyone had toilet paper that matched the decor of their bathroom. Where did all the colored toilet paper go?

The rise and fall of the American kiddie ride: A look back at the coin-operated machines that have delighted children for nearly a century.

This drone is a life guard. It might revolutionize beachgoing.

This company stores cellphones for kids while they’re at school.