Kids are Big Business: Today’s Business Ideas in the News

The spa industry has begun to target children in a big way, going way beyond mother-daughter manicures. Adult spas are adding separate menus of services for girls, usually ages 4 to 14.

Robots are starting to break the law and nobody knows what to do about it. Do we need to call the robot lawyers?

Meet the robot that paints your nails.

Increase your tips with these inovative tip jar ideas.

Fortune thinks they’re smarter than everyone: Why smart people make bad entrepreneurs

Wearables aren’t a fad. They’re going to be everywhere on you soon.

These two brothers are making money with milk in India.

A company in Arizona is offering personal trainers for children.

Private hospitals in China: China’s aging population and growing middle class is a business opportunity too good for U.S. companies to miss.

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