Selling Nostalgia: Today’s Business Ideas in the News

Teen starts business assembling BBQs.

Pepsi and the science of ingredient innovation: traveling to highly bio-diverse areas like the forests and jungles of Brazil, Peru, Malaysia, China, and Taiwan, PepsiCo is discovering indigenous ingredients, thousand-year-old recipes, and their possible applications in new and existing products.

Caffebene: This Korean coffee franchise is invading the US.

In the Netherlands (where else) there’s a food truck that only sells food for pets.

Fourth Corner Credit Union is a bank for the pot industry.

An online jeweler and a jewelry retailer in Boston have devised an interesting business model to cater to both their strengths.

We’ve been putting tents together the same way for nearly a hundred years. I think there’s room for some innovation in the space.

Nostalgia drives these video game sales.

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