Google Cars and Strange Food: Today’s Business Ideas in the News

The beautiful eat free at this Chinese restaurant.

One Icelandic brewery is making beer made out of whale gonads.

Meet the man who wants to take on Amazon.

Two brothers have invented a bag that protects trees from frost damage — and saves farmers millions.

China is starting a toilet revolution.

Chinese officials are blaming bacon for their air pollution.

A company that makes a food replacement has raised $20 million in funding.

Rethinking the nail salon: anyone who frequents the typical neighborhood nail salon may conclude that the industry needs a makeover, and these guys are the ones to do it.

This new invention lets you hear with your tongue.

Will Hollywood ditch movies and go all tech startup-y? Maybe.

Object recognition is going to be big biz. is a location analysis tool. This means it’ll help you find a good location for your business.

Google confirms that they’re not going to be a car company. They’re just going to make cars.

Sellers need Amazon. How do we get out of this relationship?

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