Indispensable Toolsfora Succesful Event Marketing Campaign

With the growth of online marketing, the need for a promotional strategy that lets you come into contact with your target market has become more pressing than ever.

Event marketing sounds like an alien concept in the digital world. You visit conferences, events, and trade fairs launching promotional campaigns using different marketing materials.

These are things that can be achieved with digital marketing. But the caveat of this particular marketing strategy is that the relationship between business and customer is limited online.

With event marketing, the relationship is established immediately after a face-to-face communication with each other. The opportunity to make a more lasting impact with your potential clients is much more possible due to the personal “touch” that event marketing gives.

For those who haven’t tried event marketing before, follow this guide first to gain a deeper understanding on how it works on a professional level.

To make your event marketing a resounding success, here are tools that you should incorporate in your campaign.

Print materials

Just like event marketing, print materials like brochures, booklets, and business cards are tools that aren’t as widely used nowadays due to the internet. But these satisfy all your senses – especially your touch – something that an ad banner or a pop-up ad won’t be able to accomplish.

When printing out your tools, make sure that the images to be printed has a resolution of at least 300 dpi. The paper should also be thick and sturdy, especially for business cards. Sturdiness is a sign of quality – if your business cards are flimsy, it gives the impression that you business is flimsy as well.

Eye-catching design and strong copywriting are two factors that you should focus on when producing your print materials. Here are corporate identity and branding design examples  that you ought to follow when brainstorming ideas for your print tools.

For copywriting, you can employ these writing strategies to compel your audience.  

If you have a space reserved for a trade fair, you can print PVC banners or posters. Nothing screams, “This is our business. We’re here,” more than a banner. And that’s a good thing.

Actionable tip: You can incorporate your existing online marketing campaigns on your print materials.

Take the URL of a page on your website that you want to drive lots of traffic from the event. Use a URL builder to create a tracking code for your page. Use URL shortener like to make the link user-friendly and easier to remember. Include the shortened link on your print materials so they can type in the URL on their smartphones or laptops.

If you have Google Analytics installed in your website, you will be able to see how many users have typed in the page on their devices. The more visitors, the more successful your campaign is.

Video presentation

Creating a video presentation to appear on a widescreen provides a visual representation on what your company is about.

The great thing about visual content like videos is that it’s easier for people to process information appears from it, among other benefits. However, this shouldn’t give you the right to overload your presentation with lots of information.

Strike the balance on your AVP between communicating your message and inspiring viewers using visual effects. Employ visual storytelling techniques to fully engage your potential customers with your business. You will need to hire a videographer or editor to get this done.

Actionable tip: Creating videos appear daunting at first, but using the tools found here, you can create your video to present on the event. Create a storyboard for your video to get a clearer vision on what you want to achieve with your presentation.