The year 2014 is almost gone, only 2 months left, it is the ideal time to write down some of the top notch web directories which have already appeared as clear to the visitors favourite lists. The list can be counted from 2014 to 2015. We have described a list compiled with blend of names but some of the names have already been listed favourite by webmaster from a long period of time, while some of the others are comparatively hardback insertion.

So according to our opinion, here we have enlisted some of the top web directories which are adapted by Google. The directory is one of the most popular one which is ranked by google almost every year. It was launched in the year of 1995 and current page rank is 8. is the first and foremost large scale directory of the internet world. The directory is a well-known and organized web directory which at one time competed DMOZ in terms of size. This directory generally offer two types of options for possible website listing, one is standard, often called free and the another is paid offer. DMOZ is sometimes appraised to be the absolute web catalog, and it is sometimes considered a pure human edited directory. This directory was first established to promote the ethos of Open Source Movement. This is also a free one, anyone can submit, a free directory for all. But the paid content of this business directory unfortunately couldn’t manage the submission quality. This is also a well-organized and well-familiar directory in the online world which can give you trusted features and dependable search categories, subject categories. This is a good authoritative websites. Categories are divided into online texts, newspapers, public magazines and more. The directory launched in the year of 1998 and got the page rank of 8. The directory driven by the spirit of assisting businesses to develop rapidly, proved its reputation and presence in the online world when it holds more than 30 million users from small to medium to large organizations refer to performing its essential task such as comparing, transforming, buying and selling products for the purpose of different business development. Visitors or users are generally appreciates for its well-categorized features. It is not at all a free directory; it charges more of less $299 annually. Entering its by way of flexible limb around the web, Octopedia is a well-trusted, reliable and old directory which offers various deep linking for its listings. This is not a free directory, though the price or rate depends upon directory membership. This directory is owned and founded by Behrendt Professional Corporation and established by the hand of Jeff Behrendt. This directory is also earned name as well as reputation like DMOZ, has gathered huge appreciation of users. It enlisted with wide ranges of quality websites; those are well-organized so that any visitor can find out very easily. This website quality and standard added, has been highly appreciated almost by everyone. The directory also professes that in the coming years they are looking forward in appending some of the essential as well as genuine web reviews so as to support the users in getting overall online experience in a great way. An absolutely well-organized and outstanding web directory no doubt, Abilogic got the good-name for the purpose of its multiple categories. this web directory characteristic here owing an out and out quality for its matchless clarity and simpleness of use. This is one of the good directory no doubt. You can get two types of reviews, one is paid one i.e. $224.95 fee for one time and a standard onetime fee of $149.95. This directory got a dignified position in the internet world. The reason is- it is providing a comprehensive, interactive as well as simple to use interface that attracts mostly to its wide range of users. The directory is unparalleled for its each categories and sub-categories perfectly set of articles and unique descriptions that made it one of the exceptional directories online.

So, it is needless to say that 99 percent of web directories are there in the web are just not very worthy, but also there are a few good directories which have own editors, some of are mentioned above. The lists mentioned above of top web directories are generally edit by human and therefore have high editorial circumspection, so why do not accept any indicated website creating them Google Cooperatives. Also check out this wholesale liquidator.