The Winchester Mystery House is turning into the Winchester Myster motel.

Niche biz: turtlenecks.Niche biz: turtlenecks.

More than fifty thousand Los Angelenos make their living slinging everything from watches to watermelons, and all of them are deemed criminals.

Is there a biz op here? 1,715 TV series aired in 2014, of which 352 were scripted.

The fantasy sport biz has taken off.

Another niche: They drink a lot of tea in Turkey.

And another: business-people and educators seek ways to teachentrepreneurship.

Trends in downsizing: toilet paper rolls are getting bigger, while the sheets are shrinking.

The insurance industry is ripe for disruption.The insurance industry is ripe for disruption.

Can’t sleep? This coffee should do the trick. (Yes, we said coffee.)

Finally, for the bride with almost everything: You can now hire bridesmaids.