Are you looking for a job, but would like to work from home? Thanks to a great number of online opportunities, that’s not impossible! Over the past 3 years of freelancing, I’ve discovered various ways of supporting myself. Here are 7 surprising opportunities how you can make money from home. Enjoy!

1. Work With Transcription. You may not know that some people are ready to pay you to transcribe their audio/video materials for them. If you are a fast typer, transcription can become your golden mine. You can quickly search for transcription jobs online and start earning right away. As far as my personal experience goes, not only was I able to boost my writing speed – I also managed to learn quite of bit from the lectures and interviews I transcribed.

2. Discover Referral Programs **. What *\*if**** there was a way to earn a living by helping out your friends and contacts? That’s quite possible if you use referral programs. It can be your perfect source of passive income. All that is required is for you to refer people to various services. You get paid each time your referrals order a product. Conditions vary, but the gist is the same everywhere. Thanks to some programs , I managed to earn quite a bit of cash in a relatively short amount of time. It was a bit shocking to one day discover that I had enough money to buy myself a car from the money earned on that program. It still is a source of income for me, so I use it regularly.

3. Fix/Set Up Computers (Remotely) . Just because you’re an expert with computers, that does not mean that everyone else has your skills or experience. There are a lot of people who are computer illiterate. Here’s where you can help them. Quite often, elderly people will need help with basic things, such as email, Internet, and creating postcards for their family. It has worked well for me because I’ve been into computers since an early age. Did you know you can log in to other people’s computers remotely and fix them from home? These days, you don’t even have to be physically present at someone’s place to fine tune their system for them.

4. Become a Friend for Rent. With an astounding number of commitments that need to be done to a deadline, it’s no wonder that some people have little time for friends and, therefore, feel lonely. Sometimes one may need a companion for a special occasion, such as a wedding or a social event. At other times, people may want to explore a town with a local, share their hobbies or just have someone for companionship. Sites like allow you to be hired as a friend for money. Please note that this is neither a dating site nor an escort service.

5. Become a Virtual Head Hunter. The competition is quite fierce today, and that is why an increasing number of companies are looking for alternative ways to find employees. One alternative is a virtual head hunter. Additionally, some candidates offer payment for a job they’ve posted online. If your thinking is outside the box and you know places where to find the best candidates, you could be making quick money. Some rewards can earn you up to $250.

6. Learn and Earn. They say that the best way to learn something is actually through teaching. But how can you teach people something that you yourself know nothing about? The trick here is to know the subject just one step ahead of your students. For example, you’d like to learn Spanish, design or a programming language? Read a couple of books, make a teaching plan and start looking for people to teach those to. This way, you’ll have time to earn and learn at the same time! It may sound unbelievable, but it has been a most wonderful experience for me.

7. Exercise and Get Paid. Surprising as it may sound, but some smartphone apps will pay you if you’re ready to work out. On the one hand, it can a perfect motivation for a healthier lifestyle. On the other, it’s always nice to be rewarded for wiser choices. GymPact and Nexercise are among the apps I’ve used, and I’m sure there are more.