Why the Fax Won’t Die: Today’s Business Ideas in the News

Oops, looks like someone should have sprung for a trademark.

Good for science and strawberries: UC, strawberry growers settle legal fight over research.

Niche biz: why fax won’t die.

The future: who needs an office?.

I love barber shops: if you haven’t noticed.

No more salesmen: Time Inc. is now selling print ads programmatically

The future is now: 12 industries that may not exist by 2020.

Niche biz: ‘Slow flowers’.

The Uber of UPS: Sidecar is expanding into the package delivery service.

China is buying up Australia: Australian farmers welcome their new chinese overlords..

The franchise and business opportunity biz has experienced some pretty radical changes in Australia this year.

You want this job: you won’t believe how much Boston snow-plowers make.

Fun: 15-year-old steps down from startup because … high school.

Drink up: A beverage invented by flight attendant is now served on Delta

Franchises: these are the fastest-growing franchises for 2015.

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