Three Alternative Ways Of Heating Your Business


Let’s face it, unless you happen to live in a warm part of the world, there’s a good chance that winter is probably your least favourite season of the year. Nobody wants to feel cold, it slows us down, it makes us ill, and it basically demoralises us and results in us not wanting to do anything. If you’re a business owner, keeping you and your employees warm during the winter is essential for not only keeping staff morale high, but also for increasing productivity in the workplace. The last thing you want is for your business to fail, which is why it’s so important that you keep your employees happy, healthy, and productive. Unfortunately, heating a business can be pretty expensive, which is why more and more businesses are looking for cheaper and alternative ways of heating their buildings. Here’s a look at just three suggestions.

Underfloor heating – People often think that underfloor heating is a luxury and only available for upper-class homes and businesses but in reality, underfloor heating is actually practical, cost-effective, and actually not very expensive to install either. The great thing about underfloor heating is that the entire floor heats up, which then basically acts as a blanket of heat on the ground, that gently rises throughout the day. You can purchase water and electric underfloor heating systems, with both proving very energy and cost-efficient.

Briquette burners – With the increasing popularity of wood burning stoves, it was only a matter of time before stoves that ran on specially designed briquettes were developed, and now more and more businesses are actually running their heating systems via these special burners. These briquettes are incredibly energy efficient as just 2kg of briquettes will be equal to just under 1 litre of heating oil, which is actually extremely cost-effective. To create these briquettes however, a briquetting press is required. You can learn more about briquetting presses by performing a simple search online, but the basic premise is that you take certain waste produce, place it into these specially designed, state of the art machines, which will then compact and press these materials until briquettes are formed which can then be burned on your burner and used to heat your building.

Multi-fuel burners – As well as briquette burners, multi-fuel burners are also very popular in businesses all over the continent. The great thing about multi-fuel burners in homes and in businesses, is the fact that they are so incredibly cost effective, and on top of that, they also emit a great deal of heat. You can simply install a multi-fuel burner in your business as it is, or they can also be equipped with back boilers to heat water for taps and in radiators as well. Another benefit is that as you can burn different fuels, you can shop around and find the cheapest options available to you. A toast stove burning away in the corner will also provide a real talking point for your customers, and will help to entice them in, especially in pubs, cafes, and restaurant-based businesses during the winter months.

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