Sending out holiday greetings to clients has been an age old-practice among businesses. Among marketers, this is viewed as a serious opportunity to thank clients for being a part of their network and as a means to bolster their marketing initiatives as well. Today, in the technology-driven era, the digital e-cards have replaced the hand-printed ones. However, quite contrary to popular belief, these digitally created cards, in no way, take away the “personal touch” of handmade cards. We will come to know why as we progress further through the post.

The digital greeting cards offer you the perfect opportunity to drive brand awareness in a major way. How? Let us find out!

These cards can be personalized in accordance with preferences of recipients

The ability to create an exclusive experience for your customer is crucial to the success of your business. Each of your customers needs to feel that he/she occupies a special place in your scheme of things. The online digital greeting card providers offer you a chance to choose from a wide array of card designs and back them up with personalized messages according to preferences of clients. You can get your creative team on board to frame different messages and send them across to clients. The much coveted personal touch can hardly be missed in that case! There is a wide array of impressive templates that you can work on! You can even go on to accommodate your own images and videos! The experiences thus created here are far richer than that offered by traditionally printed cards. The usage of photography and animations can create a user experience which is at once entertaining and memorable. Your clients remember you (in short, your brand) because you have taken the trouble to remember them on a special occasion (like Christmas or birthday or New Year etc)

The business e-cards can help you drive brand awareness in a major way

The custom business holiday ecards can even accommodate your business logo. You can frame messages keeping customer preferences in view but not forgetting the inherent values, beliefs and principles your business is driven by.

They can create a great marketing opportunity for you

E-cards have the power to create a trusting channel which can be leveraged to conduct a string of marketing initiatives including

  • Promotion of the new services or products launched by you (you can subtly include the mention of the new product at the back of the card)
  • Creation of viral marketing opportunities (You can include an online tool which enables recipients to share the card with their family members or colleagues- which of course can result in the much needed exposure of your brand)

These e-cards are eco-friendly

Your eternal commitment to environment sustainability can be aptly highlighted by these e-cards. They are eco-friendly alternatives to paper greeting cards and are priced more competitively than them as well. The zero use of paper guarantees lower costs. Plus, you have the opportunity to compare prices spelt out by a number of e-greeting card providers as well.