Britain loves an entrepreneur, and right now there is much love out there for a whole host of exciting new start-ups here on these isles. From people who can make magic with food to forward thinking consultancies and teams embracing mobile app marketing London and other UK towns and cities are a hotbed of fresh and, importantly, successful new businesses.

Take the YPlan app – founded in London in 2012 by Rytis Vitkauskas and Viktoras Jucikas – for example. Positioned as the world’s first mobile ticketing app, giving users the opportunity to purchase discounted last minute tickets for concerts and other events in their cities, YPlan has quickly acquired a number of feathers for its cap. Not least are the employment of around 50 people, the opening of offices in the USA and backing from the likes of Pharrell Williams.

Hello Fresh fits firmly in the category of “why didn’t someone think of that before”… and if someone had thought of it before perhaps they could be enjoying an estimated turnaround of £15 million per year. For anyone who has ever found their cupboard missing the obscure ingredient in a cookery book recipe, or their local supermarket letting them down for that key component, is the go to website. The guys here not only provide fantastic recipes, they let you buy ALL the ingredients in a neat package from them which they then deliver for free.

Adzuna is a British born global success story with all the hallmarks of a classic startup story. Meeting of minds? Yes – founders Doug Munro and Andrew Hunter got to know each other when working at a well known online platform. Ideas on the back of a fag packet? Well not quite, but close – the original concept for the all-in-one classifieds search engine was written on an envelope in a London pub. The notes made in that tavern are now successfully matchmaking for employers and employees in territories as diverse as Australia, Brazil, Germany, India and South Africa.

Scores and scores more success stories can be told from up and down the land and the common message is clear – if you have a good idea, don’t sit on it. You could make a real difference to the world, and do not too badly for yourself in the process. Also be aware of the technical world in which we live – most start-ups have a unique app or website at the heart of their operation. Make sure you consult an app marketing agency to help make your start-up stand out.