Creating an Adaptable Logo

In today’s digital age, it’s easy to create a logo with all the bells and whistles. You may be envisioning a multi-color logo with depth and visual interest. Before you pull out all of the stops designing a complex image, consider how well that design translates into different media. In logo design, adaptability is key. Does your logo look good in black and white, or is its impact completely dependent on color? For most businesses, printed materials are a big part of their marketing campaigns. Although you may invest in a few high-dollar projects like a multi-color brochure or a media kit, most of your printed materials are likely to be more budget-friendly. Black and white printing is substantially cheaper than color printing. Beyond cost, you need a versatile logo that works for different purposes. For a glossy brochure, color is great. Letterhead and business cards are better suited to a black logo that creates a classic, sophisticated impression. There are additional considerations for online display. Imagine your brand new logo splashed across your website. Now imagine it on a big desktop monitor and then on the small screen of a mobile phone. Does it have the same impact? When creating a logo, you want it to be bold and distinguishable regardless of the size or the color.

See this infographic “The Recipe for a Perfect Logo” by Company Folders to learn more tips for good logo design.


How to Design the Perfect Business LogoLearn how to create the perfect logo design

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