According to Albert Scaglione, founder and CEO of his family business Park West Gallery, business success depends on successfully marketing your products and services1. “While selling your products is one thing, marketing includes all the components of creating and growing a customer base – and that includes advertising,” says Scaglione.

If your business is already advertising on Facebook and not seeing results, you may not be paying attention to certain crucial tips and tricks. Consider the following to improve your Facebook advertising ROI:

Take advantage of the newsfeed. Did you know that 60% of all users visit Facebook from their phones or tablets? When placing your ad, it’s important to take advantage of the highly visible newsfeed to ensure your content is seen front and center. Notably, using the right-hand column for ad placement doesn’t offer as much visibility on the Desktop, and it simply doesn’t exist on mobile, so for many businesses, it may not be worth it to place ads there.

Use the Power Editor feature. The Power Editor isn’t a Facebook-specific feature; rather, it’s a Chrome plugin that will help you manage and edit your ads. When you open your Power Editor, you’ll find a feature called “Placements,” which will allow you to take any ad you’ve created and choose where you want it to show up, whether on users’ Desktop or Mobile News Feeds – or both.

Create a custom audience. Facebook allows you to create an audience consisting of those who have already visited your site or from your email list. In this way, you can re-market to these people to drive your message home even further. Simply by placing a Facebook-generated pixel on your website, you’ll begin automatically adding visitors to your site to your target audience.

Use optimized CPM. One way to make the most of your investment in Facebook ads is to let Facebook decide how much to charge for CPM. An incredibly well optimized system, Facebook can take your goals and adjust ad space bidding, allowing you to maximize your ROI. Marketers across the board believe Facebook does an excellent job of deciding on price for CPM. To allow Facebook to use optimized CPM, choose Use Default Bids in the section for optimization and pricing.

Include a CTA. The CTA on your ad is actually the first thing users will see – it’s the title text. Make sure you urge readers to take action by clicking on your ad by keeping it short and to the point.