Wal-Mart’s New Approach To Online Coupons

Throughout the years, Wal-Mart has always found a way to rise above the competition and offer the consumer the best price possible. In the present, they’ve started presenting their consumers with specific bonuses, discounts and promos for sticking with the company. Obviously, their online website is packed full of coupon codes, which can only be used, within their retail stores. On the other hand, the company always offers price matching, which is helpful for consumers and helps to fight off the competition, but it doesn’t stop there. In fact, the massive retailer has continued to roll out new and impressive discounts and coupons for their customers.

Just last year, the company introduced the new savings program, Savings Catcher, which is available to all consumers. With this specific tool, it is possible for consumers to collect and store their receipts, after they’ve shopped at their local Wal-Mart. Once they return home, they’ll be able to scan the receipts, or enter the receipt number. The store’s system will work quickly to compare your items and their prices to those outside of Wal-Mart. If a cheaper price is found, Wal-Mart will credit the difference to your account. After a period of time, it is possible for your balance to soar over $100 and more. At this point, the consumer will be able to withdraw the cash, which can be done several different ways.

Still, the company isn’t satisfied and continues to look for new ways to offer their customers more savings. While it may be easier to just hit up Discountrue and print out your coupons, Wal-Mart is introducing new and innovation measures to increase their customer’s savings. Their newest experiment offers customers the available to try online shopping for groceries. No, this doesn’t mean that you will not have to visit the store. Instead, you will be able to shop for your groceries online. Once you’ve finished and have made your purchase, one of the employees will go to work collecting your groceries. After this, you’ll be able to visit the store and pick everything up.

Obviously, this will present a number of different complications, but it could be the new way of the future, if Wal-Mart is able to pull it off successfully. Customers would benefit by receiving discounts for trying the service, but also they’ll be able to save time, since they’ll no longer have to wade through the aisles and pick up their own goods. Surely, customers will see and recognize the amazing benefits from this arrangement. It remains to be seen how this really helps Wal-Mart though.

Still, Wal-Mart is already taking measures to fund these new ventures, by working with many other major companies to help fight Worker’s Compensation. This certainly tends to be a major trend with the major retail chain. When they’re able to offer their customers incentives, they’ll do it, regardless of how badly it impacts their employees. Depending on your stance and side of the situation, you may see benefits in this, or you may be looking for a new job!

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