Trumpia CEO Ken Rhie Takes Unique Approach to Mobile Messaging

Trumpia is a cloud-based mobile messaging and marketing automation software service with the most comprehensive lineup of features ranging from mobile apps, SMS, digital coupons, loyalty rewards, behavior-based targeting, campaign automation and multi-location enterprises. We make it easy for businesses to implement a multi-channel strategy that goes beyond basic email or mobile text marketing. Here’s a closer look at how Trumpia is helping businesses with innovative marketing automation software:

Q: What’s special about your business?

A: Both mobile marketing and marketing automation industries have been growing with many players in the market. Trumpia is competing against both mobile marketing software vendors and marketing automation software vendors. Trumpia is unique because:

• Trumpia offers both mobile app and SMS-based marketing automation while mobile marketing competitors tend to offer only one of the two. Businesses should not dictate on either communication channel to customers as customers have preferences on how they want to be communicated.

• Majority of marketing automation competitors started with email marketing and have incorporated social marketing. Since the majority of them focus on B2B industries and ecommerce-based marketing automation, they are less familiar with mobile marketing automation targeted at offline B2C businesses such as retail services and stores. Trumpia’s service is perfect for bricks and mortar retail businesses, consumer services, and food and beverage establishments.

• Trumpia offers built-in access control and centralized reporting for multi-location enterprises.

Q: Where did the idea come from?

A: Our idea was sparked by the inefficiencies of email communication and unfocused social media posts. We always envisioned revolutionizing communications using both mobile devices and cross-channel orchestration through social and email channels.

Q: How does it compare to its competition?

A: We believe Trumpia is the most complete mobile-messaging and marketing software available for several reasons. First, we cover both mobile-app and mobile-texting communication channels. Competitors tend to focus on one or the other and fail to provide the comprehensive coverage you need to communicate with ALL your customers. Second, we offer engagement tools that meet both messaging and marketing objectives. Third, our marketing automation goes way beyond simple birthday wishes or recurring messages. It is completely customizable, capable of implementing complex campaign rules and conditions. Finally, our security and compliance features are designed to satisfy the various needs of even large franchises and enterprises with multiple departments.

Q: Who can really make use of it?

A: Any size businesses who value their customer or employee engagement and want to grow their business. Trumpia is used by 40+ industries for anything from internal communications to urgent alerts to mobile coupons and mobile loyalty programs.

Q: Anyone already using it in any interesting ways?

A: We have several brands and companies making full use of Trumpia’s offerings. These include:

• Ebay – text-to-download to promote the brand

• Amazon – fulfillment center notifications

• Coca-Cola – internal communications

• TedX – text voting

Q: Where do you see this going in five years?

A: Mobile marketing automation will evolve into many aspects and it will be considered a standard feature of any communication or marketing software. By then, Trumpia would have introduced the next generation of mobile marketing automation that I cannot disclose yet.

Q: Who’s behind Trumpia?

A: Ken Rhie is the founder and CEO of Trumpia. Visit for more information.

Q: Can you describe a typical working day?

A: I work 8 a.m. to midnight during weekdays. A typical day is made up of several conference calls, responding to messages, and doing my assignments.

Q: What is your background?

A: I have extensive start-up operation experience in general management, marketing, product development, and business development. I served as the president of Z60 Advisory for nine years before Trumpia.

Q: What motivates you to keep going?

A: Success for me, my investors and my employees.

Q: Any final words for aspiring entrepreneurs?

A: It is critical that a brilliant idea is backed by a reasonable business model and how competitors are doing.

For more information visit: Trumpia

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