Thinking About Developing an App?

Check your pockets. What’d you find? A wallet? Sure. A smart phone? We bet you found that, too. As the years wear on, smart phones are becoming more omnipresent every day. But what makes a smart phone truly special? Is it the care that went into its design? Is the way you can place and receive phone calls with it? These are the things that make it a phone, sure, but they’re not what make a smart phone as special as it is.

What makes smart phones special, and what continues to stoke the fire of their popularity, is the apps that you can download onto them. Every day, software engineers around the globe are developing new and special apps that solve problems that most people didn’t even realize they had in the first place. Or, other software engineers and developers are crafting addictive games that help fill up time while we’re waiting or completely distract us from important issues at hand.

What’s Great About App Development

If you’re someone with a computer science background, then you can probably stop reading here, because what follows will be preaching to the converted. But if you don’t possess such a background, then read on!

One of the reasons that app development is such an attractive business opportunity is because it requires minimal overhead, and, for the most part, is a field that is only constrained by your creativity and perspicacity. Now, you might say that you don’t know the first thing about computer programming, and that’s certainly a hitch. But, the thing is this: You don’t need a degree in computer science from a prestigious university to make the next killer app. One example is Dong Nguyen, the creator of the popular and incredibly simple mobile game Flappy Bird. He actually pulled his product from the market because he was making too much money!

What has made mobile platforms so attractive to businesses of all shapes and sizes is a simple reality. With a mobile device, you can put your product or service in the palm of your customer’s hand in an instant. This means that the opportunity to sell, and generate revenue, is incredible. A $0.99 app might seem cheap, but when it’s easy for hundreds of millions of people around the world to make that minimal purchase, well, you get the picture.

How Can I Get Started With No Background

One of the reasons that so many people have gotten into the app development game is because there are a wealth of resources available to get just about anyone started. If you need to learn how to program, you’ll find many excellent free resources online that cover the basics and can get you started building your own apps in a relatively short period of time. Many universities have made entire courses on computer programming and app development free to the public through their websites and other portals.

If you’re willing to make a small investment in your computer programming education, then there are even more opportunities to learn that you can avail yourself of. Popular online education websites like Udemy, for example, offer comprehensive courses on programming and app development that can help you get your ideas to the app store of your preferred mobile device in no time.

What Am I Going to Need for App Development?

Depending upon the platform or platforms that you intend to work on, this is going to vary. If you’re just getting started in the app development and computer programming game, then working through Apple is going to be your best bet. Apple offers a line of products that aren’t fragmented, which means that you won’t have to spend valuable time learning the ins and outs of different devices. But, more valuable to you as an entrepreneur seeking a business opportunity, Apple offers all of the software you need for building your own apps for free. If you own an Apple computer, then the software you need to start building your apps can be downloaded for free faster than the time it took you to read this paragraph.

If Apple’s not your cup of tea, then you’ll have to do some research into the platform you’re interested in working with and what software is going to be required. This will likely increase the overhead associated with getting your app development business off of the ground, but that cost is still going to be relatively minimal compared to other business opportunities that you might be considering.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Getting started with your own app development business is really only as hard as making the decision to do so. You’re not going to have to invest a lot of money up front. That being said, if you’re not familiar with computer programming, then you’re going to have to learn. So, really, the only cost associated with getting started is going to depend on how much you value your time.

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