The new year is well underway, and there are already a bevy up startups that are poised to disrupt the way we do business all over again. Even if you’re not in an industry that’s directly related to these startups, it never hurts to keep track of them. For one, there’s no telling how these businesses might pivot as they develop. Also, keeping track of their successes and failures can help you to learn valuable lessons about running and growing your own business.

1. ZenPayroll

It seems as if everything is moving onto the cloud these days, and 2015 may very well prove that payroll is no exception. That’s thanks, in no small part, to this startup, which is moving everything from direct deposit to tax filing onto the cloud. In addition to offering stunning features for employers, this startup’s system will also allow employees to manage all of their payroll-related information in one place, from anywhere and at any time.

2. Vicomi

When it comes to gauging the success of your content, the more information you have the better, right? Well, this startup is going to be adding a whole new wrinkle to the metrics that you can track. This system engages with the audience to judge their emotions and mood as it relates to the content they’re reading. On their end, they’re provided with more content that meets their current state. On the business end, a much deeper insight into the minds of that business’ audience is gained.

3. Captain Up

Life’s a game, isn’t it? Maybe not, but at least that’s the ethic behind this startup, which is applying game mechanics to business websites. Captain Up aims to increase user engagement for its clients by providing their audiences with a platform that adds badges, points and achievements to using their websites. With it, businesses can find ways to incentivize their audiences to do things that they want them to do.

4. CamFind

Actually typing in search terms to find out more about products, locations and even animals is so last century. This startup is promising to deliver a cutting-edge search tool, which will allow its users to take a photo of any object in order to find out more about it. For example, a user takes a picture of some product, and they are then transported to a place that offers information about how to buy that product as well as price comparisons.

5. InfinityAR

This startup may very well want to link up with the last startup. That’s because this one has developed a way to dramatically reduce the cost of offering augmented reality to consumers. Given the impending rise of virtual reality, the need for this kind of technology is readily apparent. It should be exciting to see what (if anything) other businesses choose to do with InfinityAR’s platform.

There’s Always More

Compared to the ocean of new startups for 2015, this is just a drop of water. Are there any startups that you’re excited about for this upcoming year and the years to come? If so, be sure to let us know!