BizOp: Make Money Having Fun With Kids

Corporate life can be pretty dull, can’t it? Perhaps you’ve been secretly dreaming of a way to bring some excitement back into your life and reconnect you with your childhood enthusiasm. If you have, then maybe it’s time that you started looking into business opportunities that give you the chance to work with and for children.

Getting involved with a business that caters to children and children’s entertainment can be incredibly lucrative and rewarding.

Here are two notable  opportunities dealing with children and kids. These are by no means the only two, but they’re indicative of the kinds of opportunities that you can expect. If what you find below isn’t necessarily what you’re looking for, then take the time to conduct some research on your own. There’s plenty out there, and you’ll be sure to find something that will appeal to you and your sensibilities as a future business owner.

Sing Your Name

Sing Your Name is a truly unique and entertaining business where you’ll be involved in selling personalized musical products that contain children’s names. While you may not think that’s anything special, when you see the eyes of a child light up when they hear their name on a recorded piece of music, you might think differently.

You won’t be involved with writing and recording the music yourself. However, you will be involved in selling the Sing Your Name product, which is, as you might imagine, incredibly popular. Best of all, the market for this kind of product is always expanding – it’s targeted toward children after all.

Also, it has incredibly low startup costs. So, even if you’re an entrepreneur on a budget, you could be well on your way to business ownership within the children’s market in no time!

Space Walk

Perhaps you’re looking for something that has a little bit more excitement to it. If so, then perhaps Space Walk is the right business opportunity for you! It offers a turnkey home business for providing inflatable rentals to your local community. Inflatables are incredibly popular at children’s birthday parties, and they’re sure to be in high demand – provided, of course, that you live in an area that’s mostly temperate throughout the year.

If you’re not familiar with inflatables, then you might know of them more popularly as “bounce houses,” moon walks” or “bouncy castles.” There are many other inflatable products that you can offer however, including inflatable slides, wrestling rings and more. So, the kinds of parties that you can help people throw for their children are only limited by your imagination!

One tremendous benefit that’s offered by this particular business opportunity is the low cost of entry that’s associated with it.

Space Walk will actually provide you with much of the equipment that you’ll need in order to get your business going, and they’ll even pay for you to pursue a business license. In addition, they help you shoulder the financial burden of inspections and insurance, both of which can make a serious dent in the bottom line.

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