Former Shark Tank Contestant to Relaunch SkyMall

You many remember Scott Jordan from his controversial appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank in season 3 episode 7, when he stormed off the set after a testy exchange with Mark Cuban. Jordan, CEO and founder of the travel clothing company SCOTTeVEST, left the show with a “no deal” but has since built his company into a tech apparel powerhouse.

Now, Jordan is in negotiations to launch SkyMall 2.0, revitalizing the original SkyMall in-flight catalog, which filed for bankruptcy last January.

No doubt Jordan hopes his experience in e-commerce as CEO of SCOTTeVEST (a former SkyMall advertiser) will help him turn the new and improved catalog into a winning business model.

Plans are for SkyMall 2.0 to take flight this June.

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