Work from Home with SimplyFun

Looking for a business opportunity where you get to have fun and play games? Do what you love while earning a significant income by sharing the importance of play with SimplyFun, offering a wide variety award-winning, education board games.

SimplyFun allows you to build a business with purpose and be your own boss. The company offers a wide range of methods with which to share the products including in-home, virtual or combined Laugh & Learn parties, online business tools, personal training and a supportive community there for you to help you find success.

For just $149, you can become a “Playologist Builder.” Here’s what you get:

  • Business Builder Website
  • Full Business Kit (includes 11 games)
  • Sales and Team Bonuses
  • Path to Success Program
  • 25% Sales Commission

Become a “Playologist Builder” and build a personal business that can generate significant income.

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