Watch Out for the Dark Side of Startups

Starting your own business can be very glamorous. It can lead to the fulfillment of the great American dream – but it might not. Be realistic and do your homework before starting that business. This will increase the likelihood of success. Understand that there is a dark side and be prepared for it – just in case.

Unique Personalities

People who start their own businesses have a unique perspective on both the way things should be done and how to do them more efficiently. This can easily set them at odds with their fellow employees, and when they have their own business, it can create problems in the workforce. Because most employees learn a set way of working, the entrepreneur may find it hard to adapt, and vice versa. Uniqueness can be great to get the company started, and for idea creation, but creating a team to work with them may not come as easily.

Demand for Control

An entrepreneur naturally wants to run his or her own company. They feel like they have the answers and the ability to make it work – their way. Others may not see it their way and this can lead to friction in the workplace. Their own feelings of power and expertise could easily cause them to want to be in leadership and to think their ways are always the best. When other people have good ideas, they may feel that their talent is being squelched and may find it difficult to work with a leader who won’t listen.


Work with Your Financial Backers

Many new businesses seek to get money from venture capitalists (VC). This can be a good source, but it also means that the VC has considerable say over how the money is to be used. If there is a disagreement here, it can lead to great disappointment and heartache. You need to know what they expect and line up your plans with the VC.

Be careful about raising too much money, too, because it may hurt you more than help. It can lead to being careless with your money and not using it efficiently. This can cause you to go through it too fast and obtain too few results from it.

The Odds Are Against It

It is easy to read about the great companies that are thriving today. Naturally, an individual who desires to start their own business will read much about the businesses that have succeeded. The truth of the matter is that most startups do not succeed. Venture capitalists know this, and unless they are really sold on your business idea, it may be hard to get the money you need for startup.

Even if the business you start should fail, it certainly does not mean the end of the road. Thomas Edison, as you probably already know, found 700 materials that did not work for the filament in lightbulbs. His success came because he kept on going. Lessons can be learned even from failure – enabling you to possibly build even better next time.

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