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Leverage Drones to Your Entrepreneurial Advantage

A few years ago, thoughts of a drone provoked images of the ones operated by militaries around the world, which stalk the skies and deal death to those unfortunate enough to be trained in the drones’ sights. While that’s a macabre image, the truth is that drones are much more diverse. In fact, businesses and corporations have been making use, or are thinking of making use, of drones for a wide variety of purposes.


Here are just a few ways you might be able leverage drones to your entrepreneurial advantage:

Delivery: Amazon made international headlines by unveiling its initiative to offer delivery of its products with the use of drones. It’s hard not to see this, or something like it, as the future of home delivery. As an entrepreneur looking for new and potential lucrative business opportunities, it would behoove you to do some research into the regulations and see if you can’t get something like this off the ground, if even on a small scale. You have, after all, heard of TacoCopter, right?

Photography: Why keep your photographs grounded, when you can take them to the skies? Drones have, of course, been used for a wide-variety of filming purposes, but there are still more yet to be embraced or discovered. Imagine what the use of drones, for example, could do for a wedding video? Or, how about a business that produces and develops corporate videos? If there’s one thing any business wants to be thought of it’s forward thinking, and producing video that’s shot with drone technology might be just the thing a business is looking for. If you’re already involved in the photography business, then why not explore this?

Drone Tours: You may remember how everyone laughed at Segways when they first started appearing. No one would be caught dead on one of those things, they said. Well, now there are Segway tours everywhere you turn, and the Segway’s inventor, Dean Kamen, is laughing at everyone else from his private island in the Long Island Sound. Consumers are already intrigued by drones and helicams – but also dissuaded by their cost – so there’s an opportunity for business in providing those people with the chance to pilot one of those drones for themselves. Alternatively, you could use a helicam or drone to film a moving tour of some remote location that people will be willing to pay a premium to see!


Reselling: With the marketplace crowded with different drones and helicams made by a wide variety of manufacturers, there’s naturally an opportunity for the inclined salesman to get into a drone reseller program. A quick search for the top drone and helicam manufacturers will connect you with an array of different reselling program opportunities, so why not take a look? It never hurts to be a salesperson that’s stumping for an emerging technology.

Internet Service: There’s a global push to get people all over the world connected to the Internet. However, that push is naturally confronting a huge problem with respect to infrastructure. Is it really feasible to lay all of the fiber-optic cable necessary to make that a reality? Well, that’s an old way of thinking, and some believe that drones might be the future of this endeavor. Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerburg, believes that drones might be the future of global Internet access. Now, isn’t that a business you’d like to get in on the ground floor of?

A Little More About Drone Reseller Programs

If you’re more a bread and butter entrepreneur, then a drone reseller program might be appropriate for you. Because there are so many companies manufacturing drones, you’ll find no shortage of options for such programs. A simple Internet search for “drone reseller” yields tons of leads. Picking the one that’s right for you will have a lot to do with where you’re located, and which of the many options seems to be offering the best product and room for growth. So, you’ll naturally want to make sure that you’re doing your homework.

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