An Inexpensive and Intuitive Way to Get Into Mobile Apps

There can be no doubt that mobile apps are one of the most exciting business opportunities out there. With a captive consumer base that can purchase your creations at the click of a button, it’s no wonder that countless entrepreneurs are flocking to the mobile app business.

You’ve probably read all about the phenomenon of Flappy Bird, which was gripping the world at the end of last year and the beginning of this one. If you haven’t, Flappy Bird was a simple ad-supported game where you helped a small bird stay aloft while dodging an endless stream of obstacles. You may not have read, though, about how the Flappy Bird phenomenon ended: The game’s creator, Dong Nguyen, actually pulled the game from the Internet because it was too addictive and he was making too much money as a result.


But, I can hear what you’re saying. You don’t have any computer programming experience or an intuitive understanding of mobile games and apps. Therefore, the entire business inherent in the mobile platform is entirely closed off to you. Here’s the thing: That’s actually not true. Even if you don’t have one iota of computer programming experience, it’s still possible that you can get involved.

Mobile Application Turnkey Reseller Programs

Some companies, rather than developing an individual application for every small market that they’d like to work in have instead turned to reseller programs to expand their reach. With these reseller programs, you yourself can take hold of an opportunity without even knowing how to program one line of code. There are, of course, many different opportunities with these reseller programs, too many to count, as a matter of fact. But, below you’ll find a list of some particularly appealing ones that you can investigate further.

  • Motiply: This one that lets you take advantage of a pre-designed platform to craft mobile applications for businesses of your choosing. It requires a minimum cash investment of $200, with which you’ll get training on the platform and advice on how to use it. This particular mobile application would be particularly appealing to an entrepreneur who has extensive sales experience, as it will require you to find and develop your own clients.
  • LoyalStamp: With this turnkey mobile application reseller program, you’ll be given a platform that’s designed for businesses – most specifically restaurants – to create mobile-based loyalty programs. Because many mom and pop shops have yet to hop on the Internet bandwagon, there’s a lot of opportunity here. However, much in the same way as Motiply, you’ll want to make sure your sales experience is established, because you’ll likely have to be doing a fair amount of cold calling to get any traction.
  • Perks Nearby: With this mobile application, you’ll be given a mobile platform that allows you to craft and offer your own Groupon and Living Social style deals. These kinds of deals are very popular with consumers, and with some gumption, you might be able to get some real traction. Like the other three options, though, getting this off of the ground is going to require a fair amount of cold calling, or at the very least some establish contacts.

This is, of course, just a small sample size of what’s out there. If none of these appeal to you and your particular skill set, you’ll likely be able to do a bit of research and find something that will.

Or, You Could Always Teach Yourself!

Of course, the problem with a reseller program is that you’re unable to truly take all the profits for yourself. But, maybe after you get your feet wet with a mobile application business, you might want to find a way to learn how to program for yourself. Whereas once an education in computer programming was limited to those who could afford the time and money to take courses at an accredited institution, there now exists so much information and instruction on the Internet, that virtually anyone can pick up programming – provided they have the time and inclination.


If you’re considering taking some of your spare time to learn the art of computer programming, then you might want to start with many of the free online courses that are offered by prestigious universities like Harvard and MIT. Because there’s no investment required with one of these free courses, you can get a sense of what’s involved and decide if it’s ultimately right for you. In addition, you’ll also find a wealth of material available through websites like Udemy, which specialize in offering tailored education in such topics for beginners like you.

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