7 Best Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Have

That smartphone that you have in your pocket isn’t just for playing games and checking your social media accounts. You can also use it for your entrepreneurial endeavors. In fact, there are a number of apps that any entrepreneur’s iPhone or Android should not be without. Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Evernote

You’ve got to keep yourself organized! That’s what makes Evernote such an exceptional app. It makes it incredibly easy to keep all of your notes in one place, including the ones that you write by hand (just snap a photo of them with the phone’s camera). You can also use Evernote to make and track checklists and to-do lists, and you can use it share documents with others.

2. Dropbox

If Evernote is too “note-taking-centric” for your document needs, then Dropbox might be just what you’re looking for. It functions much the same way, but is better suited for documents of all styles, from spreadsheets to videos. With it, you can sync to contents of your hard drive to the cloud, thereby gaining access to your documents from all of your devices at any time and from anywhere.


3. Invoice2Go

Keeping track of all of your invoices, estimates and quotes can be incredibly difficult. Thankfully, this handy little app can make things quite easy. By just filling out a few fields, you can quickly put together invoices for your customers and clients, printing them wirelessly with the tap of a finger.


4. Pocket Analytics

Do you need your finger on the pulse of your web presence at all times? Then this may be the app for you. It allows you to sync a myriad of analytics tools into one convenient portal. With this in your pocket, keeping a constant eye on the state of your web presence has never been easier.

5. Square Register

Does anyone carry cash anymore? If you’re going to be out selling, then this app is a virtual must. You get a small square device that plugs into the headphone jack of any mobile device, which the app then uses to read and process payments made with credit cards. With this in your pocket, you’ll be able to close a sale wherever you happen to be.


6. Producteev

If you’re working with a team of individuals, then this app is awesome. It allows you to effortlessly delegate tasks to different team members, and provides an easy way for keeping track of what everyone is up to. With it, you’ll be able to make sure that no one is overworked and that things are moving along smoothly.

7. EchoSign

It seems silly that you have to print documents, sign them and then scan them back into your computer, doesn’t it? You’re right, it is silly, especially since you can put this app, which allows you to sign and return documents, on your phone or tablet.


Check the App Store

These are just some of the 7 best apps that are available to entrepreneurs. If you’ve got a particular need that you need an efficient, technological solution for, just peruse the app store for a bit. No doubt, someone’s already put in the time to develop a solution for you. If not…that might be just the right business opportunity for you!